Shine, firefly!

Submission | Picture this! contest | The Netherlands

Watercolor | Indian Ink | White Ink | Aluminium foil

Hey you! Pssssst… Do you know that a firefly only glows when he is doing something he loves? I feel so sad as I don’t know what makes me glow.

Come and join me on my adventure so we can find out what makes others glow. I flutter in circles with the butterfly. I chirp as loud as I can with the cricket. I do these crazy jumps with the squirrel. I fly and dive as das as I can with the eagle.

Even though my light glows every now and then, it is not shining yet. Will I ever find out what makes me shine?!

What if… I combine everything I have learned? I flutter, I jump, I fly and dive…. Wiieeeehhh! And I sing as loud as I can. Wow, finally I shine! Like never before…